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News and updates

  • AVG has broken up with us, too bad to see them going.
  • We have added a Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne server (16 levels) and a new Team GunGame server!
  • We have merged with the clan AvG, they have a Zmod server and a Battlefield mod server!
  • We have editted the Diablo Mod servers a lot, for more information please visit our forum
  • We have added new heroes and had some other updates, for more information please visit our forum
  • Unfortunatly we had to close our Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne server due to a lack of funding.
  • We have added a new server to our dbo community! We now have Diablo Mod!
  • The ranks have been resetted at our Warcraft 3 Server!
  • We have extended the Superhero Mod Dedicated Server!
  • Superhero Mod experience has been resetted and uses a new saving system!
  • Superhero Mod has new levels again!
  • Superhero Mod has new heroes!
  • Superhero Mod has a new max level!
  • Superhero Mod has become a dedicated server!
  • We have added new maps to our Warcraft 3 server!
  • We have extended our dedicated host from our Warcraft 3 server!

              Diablo Mod

The dbo clan has lived November 2010.

Together with a Warcraft 3 FT server we rose up and made a small community which is now our steam group.
We started with a small home hosted server, but we grew up and gained more and more players. With each donation we could provide you with more gameplay and more slots.

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